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MASCC and ISOO membership is a great way to network, get involved and benefit from the latest research and knowledge on Supportive Care in Cancer. Start taking advantage of member benefits, the SCC journal, annual meeting fee discounts, professional connections and more!

Benefits of MASCC Membership

  • Subscription to the official MASCC journal, Supportive Care in Cancer (SCC), with online access available to members only (login required)
  • Monthly newsletter, the MASCC Society News
  • MASCC Member Directory and book discounts (login required)
  • Online access to practice guidelines and tools
  • Discounted registration fee for the MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting
  • Membership in up to three MASCC Study Groups, each led by key supportive care experts

Benefits of ISOO Membership (additional ISOO member fee) 

  • ISOO Newsletter and updates 
  • Free Access to the ISOO CE session held during the MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting


Join a Study Group and become an integral part in clinical research and educational programs specialized in fields of supportive care.

Our latest Surveys need your participation to further research on supportive care fields.

Guidelines and Clinical Assessment Tools - We need translators!  To help us get our practice resources available in more languages email MASCC Study Group Coordinator, Leslie Johnson.

Workshops and Study Group Meetings at the Annual Meeting

Membership Options

MASCC offers a variety of membership options to meet your budget needs.

Membership Scholarship

MASCC offers membership scholarships to healthcare professionals from limited-resource or developing countries who cannot afford full membership in the organization. Qualified individuals should review the eligibility criteria and complete a Scholarship Membership application and Declaration of Need.
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Annual Meeting Awards and Scholarships

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For more information contact us at [email protected]