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Pain Center Guidelines and Position Statements

EAPC - European Association for Palliative Care - Pain Guidelines

Opioids for the management of breakthrough cancer pain in adults: A systematic review undertaken as part of an EPCRC opioid guidelines project - Giovambattista Zeppetella, St. Clare Hospice, UK

Content development for EUROPEAN GUIDELINES on the use of opioids for cancer pain: a systematic review and Expert Consensus Study  - Pigni, Brunelli, Gibbins, Hanks, Deconno, Kaasa, Klepstad, Radbruch, Caraceni

Systematic review of the role of alternative application routes for opioid treatment for moderate to severe cancer pain: An EPCRC opioid gudelines project  - Radbruch, Trottenberg, Elsner, Kaasa, Caraceni

A systematic review of the use of opioid medication for those with moderate to sever cancer pain and renal impairment: A European Palliative Care Research Collaborative opioid guidelines project  - King, Forbes, Hanks, Ferro, Chambers

Is oral morphine still the first choice opiod for moderate to severe cancer pain? A systematic review within the European Palliative Care Research Collaborative guidelines project  - Caraceni, Pigni, Brunelli

Starting Step III opioids for moderate to sever pain in cancer patients: Dose titration: A systematic review  - Klepstad, Kaasa, Borchgrevink