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To promote scientific exchange among health care professionals in oncology, cytotoxic therapy and its impact on the oral environment.

The Society provides a multidisciplinary forum for scientists and clinicians to focus on:

  • Concepts associated with oral consequences of antineoplastic therapy
  • Novel strategies germane to cancer research
  • Educational pursuits related to cancer and cancer therapy oral morbidity
  • Scientific diversity through collaboration

2015-2017 Board of Directors

ISOO BOD 2013-15-17


President: Ourania Nicolatou-Galitis, DDS, MSc, Dr Dent (Greece)
Immediate Past President: Richard Logan, BDS, MDS, PhD, FFOP (Australia)
President Elect: Allan Hovan, DMD, MSD, (FRCD) (Canada)
Treasurer: Janet Fulton, PhD, RN (USA)
Secretary: Elvira Correa, DDS, PhD (Brazil)
VP of Communications: Rui Amaral Mendes, DMD, PhD (Portugal)
Members at large: Raj Nair, MSc, PhD, MRACDS (Australia)
MASCC Liaison: Rajesh V. Lalla, DDS, PhD, CCRP, DABOM (USA)
ISOO Liaison: Raj Nair, MSc, PhD, MRACDS (Australia)


ISOO Newsletter August 2015 (alt PDF, 2.1 MB)
ISOO Newsletter April 2015 (alt PDF, 1.5 MB)
ISOO Newsletter Jan 2015 (alt PDF, 1.8 MB)
ISOO Newsletter Oct 2014 (alt PDF, 1.9 MB)
ISOO Newsletters archive

A summary of the prevalence of the oral complications reviewed as well as the management recommendations:
Summary of the Oral Complications Systematic Reviews
 (alt PDF, 140 KB)
Management Recommendations - Summary of Evidence Table (alt PDF, 64 KB)
Evidence-Based Management Strategies for Oral Complication from Cancer Treatment - (alt PDF, 4.7 MB)

International Conference: Oral Complications of Emerging Cancer Therapies April 14-15, 2009 Bethesda, Maryland USA Report authored by Jean Klastersky (alt PDF, 100 KB) MD Professor, University of Brussels Chief of Medicine Service, Institut Jules Borde Brussels, Belgium.


ISOO Membership Benefits:

  • ISOO membership connects you to an international group of professionals who share your interest in oral oncology. The annual MASCC/ISOO conferences have provided a basis for cooperation between members, cancer centers, countries and continents. 
  • Many collaborative projects have been launched through this meeting; most recently the Oral Care Study Group systematic reviews of oral side-effects of cancer therapy which have gone on to publication in the Journal of Supportive Care. 
  • ISOO members will have free access to the ISOO CE session held during the MASCC/ISOO Annual Symposium. 
  • ISOO members will continue to receive ISOO newsletters which (a) highlight upcoming meetings of interest (b) describe the ongoing work of MASCC and ISOO-led study groups and (c) connect ISOO members to each other in a fun and informal way, creating the ISOO family that we all enjoy.

Oral Care Study Group
The Oral Care Study Group's (OCSG) new project focused on chronic graft versus host disease (cGVHD) was launched.  >>Read More

MASCC Study Group Chairs Lead First of It's Kind Study in Oral Complications of Radiotherapy

Oral Care Surveys

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