Annual Meeting Expert Sessions

Meet the Experts at MASCC/ISOO 2019

April 2019
This year’s MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting will feature three Meet-the-Expert sessions.

Saturday, June 22, 8:30-10:00
Meet the Experts: Writing for Supportive Care in Cancer
Fred Ashbury, Ian Olver, Jørn Herrstedt
The speakers will review the process of preparing and submitting manuscripts to the journal, Supportive Care in Cancer (SCC). Editor-in-Chief Fred Ashbury, Ian Olver, and Jørn Herrstedt will discuss key issues to help participants understand submission requirements and expectations, including the submission process, how to position papers in the context of the journal, manuscript preparation, what to expect from reviewers, and how to respond to recommendations and decisions. The discussion will focus on SCC specifically, but will apply to peer-reviewed literature, in general.

Saturday, June 22, 13:40-15:10
Meet the Experts: Using Social Media
Facilitators: Ysabella Van Sebille and Hannah Wardill
This session is designed to inform attendees about ways in which MASCC members’ use of social media can further supportive care education and promote collaboration. Other topics of discussion include strategies to foster the use, and increase the impact, of social media by MASCC leaders, members, and social media experts.

Sunday, June 23, 8:30-10:00
Meet the Experts: Developing a MASCC Guideline
Facilitators: Fred Ashbury and Bernardo Rapoport
In a rapidly changing field, current Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) are critical to providing the best patient care. In this session, Fred Ashbury, MASCC Guidelines Committee Chair, and Bernardo Rapoport, MASCC Guidelines Committee Member, will provide an update on MASCC’s policies for the development of supportive care CPGs by its Study Groups, as well as requirements and procedures for an outside organization wishing to submit its own CPG for MASCC approval or endorsement.