MASCC-Designated Centers of Excellence in Supportive Care in Cancer: Policy

In 2019, MASCC initiated a certification program to recognize oncology centers that demonstrate best practices in supportive cancer care. Such Centers are designated by MASCC as Centers of Excellence in Supportive Care in Cancer. Through this initiative, MASCC promotes and recognizes cancer care centers around the world that are successfully integrating oncology and supportive services. Such centers are recognized by MASCC for upholding high standards and providing comprehensive services in supportive cancer care. MASCC’s certification program aims both to educate and to encourage a supportive care focus among oncology healthcare professionals.

Any cancer center or department may apply for MASCC certification and there is no fee to do so. Applications are reviewed by MASCC’s Certification Program Committee, which in turn makes recommendations to MASCC’s Executive Committee for final decisions. Certification criteria include a supportive care focus in clinical activities, research, and educational initiatives, as well as adherence to international guidelines.

MASCC certification as a Center of Excellence in Supportive Care in Cancer includes the following benefits:

  • Use of the MASCC logo on marketing and advertising related to the center or program
  • Use of the title “A MASCC-Designated Center of Excellence in Supportive Care in Cancer”

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Certification is valid for three years, after which the center must apply for re-evaluation. Centers with which members of the Certification Program Committee are affiliated may apply. However, the relevant committee members must recuse themselves from the evaluation process. Candidates are encouraged to become MASCC members and promote the membership in their institution.

Centers of Excellence in Supportive Care in Cancer: Application