Corporate Partnerships

Sponsorship Opportunities at MASCC

MASCC’s mission is to promote optimal supportive care for people experiencing cancer worldwide. Through quality, evidence-based research, MASCC promotes multidisciplinary advocacy, education, and communication across many constituencies and cultures, in order to implement state-of-the art supportive care. MASCC believes in the dignity, integrity and independence for all professionals, care givers, and persons with cancer. Through its various programs such as the journal, annual international meeting, website, guidelines, and support of professionals, MASCC aims to accomplish its mission and goals. Donations are welcome to support the variety of MASCC programs.

Event Sponsorship

The MASCC Annual International Meeting is a prime opportunity for your company to promote its products and treatments used to prevent and manage the adverse effects of cancer to an audience dedicated to supportive care in cancer.

For more information on Sponsorship Opportunities at the annual MASCC/ISOO International Meeting on Supportive Care in Cancer, contact us at [email protected]

MASCC Development Fund  Donate

Contribute to the growth and expansion of MASCC's programs and outreach. MASCC is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 corporation. Give a tax-free donation to a designated MASCC fund that will be used to support important MASCC programs. Study group projects, web site initiatives, Travel Scholarships, Young Investigator Awards, and scholarship memberships are examples of how the fund will be used. We appreciate any and all levels of giving and will recognize your contribution on the MASCC web site. Make a donation today through PayPal, fill out our donation form and mail it to us or you can add a contribution when you renew your membership. For questions on corporate donations, please inquire at [email protected].