The Distinguished Service Award: MASCC’s Highest Honor

Nomination Form - Submit completed packet by April 1 to address listed on form.  Policy stated below and on the form.

The MASCC Distinguished Service Award recognizes meritorious service and outstanding contribution to MASCC and its mission. Award recipients are nominated by their peers and should demonstrate exemplary leadership and accomplishments. This award is presented to one individual each year at the MASCC Annual Meeting.

Any MASCC member may nominate a colleague for this award. The nominee must be a MASCC member in good standing and should demonstrate exemplary leadership and accomplishments, including contributions in the areas of research, education, and/or clinical supportive care in cancer. Nominees should exemplify the mission and goals of the Society.

See the award policy below for details regarding the nomination procedures and selection process. A call for nominations is issued each January.

Previous recipients of the Distinguished Service Award include the following:

2021 Ian Olver - Australia
2019 Rachel Gibson - Australia

2018 Charles Loprinzi - USA
2017 David Warr - Canada
2016 Matti Aapro - Switzerland

2015 Jørn Herrstedt - Denmark
2014 Dorothy Keefe - Australia
2013 Declan Walsh - Ireland
2012 Paul Hesketh - USA

2011 Linda Elting  - USA

2010 Cynthia Rittenberg - USA
2009 Maurizio Tonato
2008 Douglas Peterson - USA
2007 Agnes Glaus - Switzerland
2006 Richard Gralla - USA
2005 Jean Klastersky - Belgium
2003 Hans-Jörg Senn
2002 Larry Einhorn - USA

MASCC Distinguished Service Award Policy

I. Purpose

The MASCC Distinguished Service Award recognizes meritorious achievement and outstanding contributions to the Society and its mission.

II. Scope

Distinguished Service Award winners are nominated by peers and should demonstrate exemplary leadership and accomplishments in supporting the Society’s mission. The Distinguished Service Award is reserved for those with the highest levels of support to the Society and unparalleled contributions to the Society’s mission. This award is presented at the MASCC Annual Meeting.

III. Eligibility

  1. Nominees must be current members of MASCC and in good standing with the Society.          
  2. Nominees must have made a significant contribution in the following:
    • Research
    • Education
    • and/or Clinical supportive care in cancer
  1. Nominees must exemplify the mission and goals of the Society and must have made major contributions to the Society.

IV. Nomination Procedures

  1. Any current MASCC member may nominate an individual for the Distinguished Service Award.
  2. A nomination packet should be submitted that includes the following:
    • Cover letter
    • Nominee information
    • Nominator information
    • Nominee’s current CV
    • No less than three (3) but no more than six (6) letters of support
  1. The nomination cover letter should address the following items:
    • Specific contributions to MASCC
    • Description of nominee’s accomplishments within MASCC and his/her support of MASCC’s mission
    • Persuasive rationale and reasoning for why the nominee should be considered for this award
  1. Nomination letters and packets must be received by the designated due date, as determined by the Executive Committee.

V. Selection Process

  1. A call for nominations will be published on the MASCC website and via email to all members.
  2. All nominations will be reviewed by the MASCC Awards Committee. Its recommendations will be forwarded to the Executive Committee for confirmation.
  3. Selection will be based on the following:
    • Nominee’s contributions to MASCC
    • Nominee’s involvement and support of MASCC and its mission
  1. There will be only one DSA award per year. Awards will be based on the merits of each individual nominee.
  2. Awardees may receive the DSA only once in a lifetime.
  3. Award recipients will be notified by the Chair of the Awards Committee prior to the MASCC Annual Meeting.

VI. Award

The recipient will be recognized at the MASCC Annual Meeting and in MASCC publications, as deemed appropriate. The recipient will receive a small gift (to be determined by Awards Committee).

Please download the form at the top of this page for submission instructions.

For more information or questions, contact Melissa Chin, MASCC Executive Director at [email protected]