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Post-MASCC Meeting in Diegem, Belgium

A one-day Post-MASCC Meeting was held by the Supportive Care Task Force in Diegem, Belgium on Friday, November 23, 2018 in conjunction with the 12th Belgian Symposium on the Integration of Molecular Biology Advances into Oncology Clinical Practice. The meeting was organized by MASCC Past-President Jean Klastersky, MD, PhD, of Institut Jules Bordet, Brussels, and MASCC member Christel Fontaine, MD, of University Hospital Brussels. Featured topics included fertility, sexuality and cancer, multicultural approaches to pain, cannabinoids for pain control, management of side effects associated with immunotherapy and targeted therapies, and photobiomodulation for mucositis and radiodermatitis.

Several MASCC members were among the speakers: Patrick Crombez, MD (Multicultural Approaches to Pain), Dominique Lossignol, MD (Cannaboinoids for Pain Control), Jeroen Mebis, MD, PhD, and Jolien Robijns, PhD (Photobiomodulation for Mucositis and Radiodermatitis), and Florian Scotté, MD, PhD (Management of Side Effects of Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapies).

Sharing her thoughts about the meeting, Christel Fontaine writes that the presentations were outstanding and brought new insights, applicable in daily practice, to all present. Jean Klastersky urges Study Group Chairs and MASCC members in general to organize similar events. Regional meetings, such as this one and the recent “Best of MASCC” meeting in India, bring visibility to MASCC and help promote the goals of supportive cancer care around the world.