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Get Connected: Learn About Social Media at Our Annual Meeting

May 2019

MASCC is committed to establishing a global social media presence in order to promote its mission and help connect like-minded health professionals and researchers around the world. Social media platforms provide the tools for finding out what’s new in supportive cancer care and keeping in touch with your colleagues. All MASCC Members, Study Groups, Board and Staff members are encouraged to engage regularly on social media platforms — mainly Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

If you are new to social media, download our free Social Media Toolkit, which explains MASCC’s social media mission and goals, and how we can use the most popular platforms most effectively. Also available is a downloadable Twitter Quick Guide to get you started. It contains helpful definitions, hashtags and how to use them, and tips for effective use of Twitter.

This year’s Annual Meeting will feature a Meet-the-Experts Session: Using Social Media, in which Ysabella Van Sebille and Hannah Wardill will discuss the use of social media to further supportive care education and collaboration. The session takes place on Saturday, June 22, 13:40 to 15:10. The Meeting will also feature a Social Media Booth to help attendees get started on popular social media platforms.

MASCC Social Media Booth

In a MASCC first, we will provide a Social Media Booth for delegates at the 2019 MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting in San Francisco. With a theme of “Set Me Up. Show Me How,” the booth will provide a place where people can set up accounts and learn to use social media with the help of volunteers — MASCC members who are already proficient in using social media platforms to share supportive care knowledge and ideas.

For attendees who haven’t yet taken the leap, we’ll be there to help.

• Set up a Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook account on the spot.
• Get tips and tricks for making the most of these social media platforms.
• Have a profile photo taken or get your own bitmoji (a personalized emoji or cartoon avatar) to use as a profile image.

Volunteers Needed! If you will be at the Meeting and have social media know-how, please consider donating some of your break time at the Social Media Booth to help others get started. If you are willing to help (or know of others who can), please contact Anna Boltong, Chair, MASCC Information and Communications Committee.