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Palliative Care Always

May 2019
A Free, Online Course from Stanford University

Palliative Care Always is a free, online, case-based course presented by faculty members in Palliative Medicine at Stanford University and directed by Kavitha Ramchandran, MD. The course is designed primarily to help oncology professionals better understand and practice the principles of palliative medicine — communication, symptom and distress management, and goals of care. The course also includes topics of interest to cancer patients and their families.

Palliative Care Always features presentations by Stanford palliative medicine clinicians, as well as video scenes with a fictional patient living with colon cancer. Topics include communication, psychosocial distress, pain assessment and management, fatigue and nausea assessment and management, survivorship, spiritual care, and hospice care, among others. The course is appropriate for clinicians and trainees in diverse fields, such as oncologists, nurses, social workers, chaplains, and healthcare volunteers.

Enrollment is open through July 31, 2019. For the full course description, visit the Course Page. There is also a version of the course that features culturally specific content about palliative care in India. To learn more, visit Palliative Care India.

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