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Study Group Leadership for 2020/2022

2020    MASCC announces the Study Group Leadership changes for 2020/2022. For the full roster of study group leaders, visit individual study groups on the MASCC website.  Be sure to stay in touch with your Study Groups and get involved in their projects. It's the best way to take full advantage of your MASCC membership and work with like-minded colleagues around the world. Contact Study Group Coordinator Leslie Johnson for more information.

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Supportive Cancer Care and COVID-19: Experiences from a MASCC Member on the Front Lines in Mumbai, India

2020    With the rapidly changing and evolving practice in managing COVID-19, MASCC is honored to begin a series of articles sharing our members’ professional experiences during the current crisis.  This month, we feature Sameena Bilgi, MA, Head of Patient Guidance Program, from the Gunvati Jagan Nath Kapoor Foundation in Mumbai, India.  The foundation provides guidance and psychosocial services to patients in Mumbai-Maharashtra and Amritsar-Punjab.

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The Psychosocial Study Group – a profile during the time of COVID-19

2020    As I write these words, there are 3 million cases of COVID-19 infections around the world and every MASCC member has been directly or indirectly affected by the pandemic.  Labs have closed, elective surgical lists were stopped, and work from home began as did home schooling of small children. Cancer work never really stops, not even in the time of the pandemic.  That work evolves rapidly and the pandemic has presented us, the cancer clinicians and researchers, with urgent and significant challenges.  And with many questions: “How do we deliver care safely?” “Whose treatment is no longer safe?” “What research can continue and how?”

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