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 Please review the membership options below.  
       Trainee, Student and Retiree selections require using the PDF membership application alt.
 Study group selections will be made on your application.

•  JOIN Online - Secure/private online application and payment
•  Renew your current membership online
•  Download the membership application alt  (print, then fax or email)
•  Low-Income Countries - Secure/private online application and payment
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Membership Options

Privacy Notice.  In order to process your membership application, we need to collect some personal information. For our MASCC Privacy Notice and details, click here.

Membership with print and online journal
    One Year - $150 U.S.  |  Two Year - $275 U.S.

Membership with online journal only
    One Year - $75 U.S.  |  Two Year - $140 U.S.

Trainee / Student membership with online journal
    One Year - $50 U.S.  |  Two Year - $90 U.S.
 - Trainee applicants use the PDF applicationalt at this time 
 - Trainee membership requires a letter from training program director. 

Low-Income Country membership with online journal 
    One Year - $25 U.S.   Two Year - $45 U.S.  
>> view eligible countries - Low-income country membership requires that you reside in a low-income country
 - Developing world applicants use the PDF application alt or join online

Additional ISOO membership fee
    One Year - $35 U.S.   Two Year - $65 U.S. 

Retiree Membership
If you are age 65 or greater, you qualify for a retirement MASCC membership with online journal.
     One Year - $0 U.S.   Please use the PDF application alt

You may select Study Groups on your membership application. These can be viewed and edited in your Account Profile.

All bank transfer fees are to be paid by the applicant and will be added to the total owed.
Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted forms of online payment through PayPal, if you wish to pay by another method, please contact customer service. To join MASCC or renew your membership by mail, download the PDF membership application alt, print it out and send the completed form to the following address:

Melissa Chin, H.BSc, MBA, CHE, MASCC Executive Director
MASCC @ Centre for Social Innovation
192 Spadina Ave, Suite 321
Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2C2
[email protected]