Joint Sessions at the 2018 Annual Meeting of MASCC

Joint Sessions at the 2018 Annual Meeting of MASCC

This year’s Annual Meeting will include the following joint sessions and international perspectives.

EONS/ONS/MASCC Joint Parallel Session
Thursday, June 28, 3:35-4:35
European Oncology Nursing Society, Oncology Nursing Society, and MASCC

Etiology and Management of Sleep Disruption, Fatigue and Related Symptoms Across the Cancer Trajectory in Patients and Caregivers — The session will draw on the expertise of a multidisciplinary group of experts and will provide information on the latest developments in the causes and management of cancer-related fatigue, sleep, and depression in patients and caregivers.

JASCC/MASCC Parallel Session
Friday, June 29, 2:10-3:10
Japanese Association for Supportive Care in Cancer and MASCC

The Evolving Approach to Management of Cancer Cachexia Syndrome — The Japanese Association of Supportive Care in Cancer joins MASCC in highlighting emerging research on the causes and mechanisms of cancer-related cachexia. Speakers will address recent research and clinical applications.

SIOG/MASCC Parallel Session
Saturday, June 30, 8:40-10:10
International Society for Geriatric Oncology and MASCC

Supporting Older Adults with Cancer: Cognitive Impairment, Delirium, and Sleep — The International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG) joins MASCC to address problems faced by older adults with cancer. Speakers will address the management of patients with cognitive impairment, delirium, and dementia, as well as sleep disturbance, polypharmacy, and inappropriate medication use.

AFSOS Parallel Session
Saturday, June 30, 12:15-1:45
French-Speaking Association for Supportive Care: International Perspectives on Supportive Care

Eastern Europe Parallel Session
Saturday, June 30, 12:15-1:45
International Perspective: Developing Supportive Care in Eastern Europe: Different Models and Similar Challenges