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EAPC - European Association for Palliative Care - Pain Guidelines

Cancer Pain: Part 1: Pathophysiology; Oncological, Pharmacological, and Psychological Treatments: A Perspective from the British Pain Society Endorsed by the UK Association of Palliative Medicine and the Royal College of General Practitioners - Jon Raphael, MB, ChB, MSc, FRCA, MD, FFPMRCA - Pain Medicine 2010; 11 - Wiley Periodicals, Inc. (PDF)

Cancer Pain: Part 2: Physical, Interventional and Complimentary Therapies; Management in the Community; Acute, Treatment-Related and Complex Cancer Pain: A Perspective from the British Pain Society Endorsed by the UK Association of Palliative Medicine and the Royal College of General Practitioners - Jon Raphael, MB, ChB, MSc, FRCA, MD, FFPMRCA -Pain Medicine 2010; 11 - Wiley Periodicals, Inc. (PDF)

Maldynia: Pathophysiology and Management of Neuropathic and Maladaptive Pain—A Report of the AMA Council on Science and Public Health - Barry D. Dickinson, PhD, C. Alvin Head, MD, Stuart Gitlow, MD, and Albert J. Osbahr, III, MD - Pain Medicine 2010; 11 - Wiley Periodicals, Inc. (PDF)
Overcoming obstacles to developing new analgesics - Clifford J Woolf - Nature Medicine, Inc. 2010; Focus on Pain

Acute Pain Management: Scientific Evidence - Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists and Faculty of Pain Medicine 2010
Acute pain management in opioid-tolerant patients: a growing challenge- C. A. HUXTABLE, L. J. ROBERTS, A. A. SOMOGYI, P. E. MACINTYRE - Anaesth Intensive Care 2011; 39: 804-823

Opioid Dose Titration for Severe Cancer Pain: A Systematic Evidence-Based Review - MELLAR P. DAVIS, M.D., DAVID E. WEISSMAN, M.D. and ROBERT M. ARNOLD, M.D. - JOURNAL OF PALLIATIVE MEDICINE, Volume 7, Number 3, 2004

Intravenous Opioids for Severe Acute Pain in the Emergency Department - Asad E Patanwala, Samuel M Keim, and Brian L Erstad - The Annals of Pharmacotherapy n 2010 November, Volume 44

Edmonton Classification System for Cancer Pain, Quick User Guide (ECS-CP) Robin Fainsinger, MD, Cheryl Nekolaichuk, PhD, Peter Lawlor, MD (PDF)

Adverse Effects of Opioids on the Central Nervous Systems of Palliative Care Patients. Jane Vella-Brincat- (PDF)

Rational Use of Sublingual Opioids in Palliative Medicine. Gary M. Reisfield, M.D. and George R. Wilson, M.D.- (PDF)

Development of a Sublingual/Oral Formulation of Ketamine for Use in Neuropathic Pain. Preliminary Findings from a Three-Way Randomized,Crossover Study. Chui Chong, Stephan A. Schug, Madhu Page-Sharp, Barry Jenkins and Kenneth F. Ilett- (PDF)

Ketamine as Adjuvant to Opioids for Cancer Pain. A Qualitative Systematic Review. Rae F. Bell, MD, Christopher Eccleston, PhD, and Eija Kalso, MD, Dr Med Sci- (PDF)

Assessment and Management of Breakthrough Pain in Cancer Patients: Current Approaches and Emerging Research. Neil A. Hagen, MD, Patricia Biondo, PhD, and Carla Stiles, BN- (PDF)

Pleasure into pain: The consequences of long-term opioid use. Jason M. White- (PDF)

Opioid Induced Hyperalgesia: Clinical Implications for the Pain Practitioner. Sanford M. Silverman, MD- (PDF)

Mechanisms of pain in nonmalignant disease. Victoria L. Harvey and Anthony H. Dickenson- (PDF)

Overview of Oral Modified-Release Opioid Products for the Management of Chronic Pain. Celene M Amabile and Bill J Bowman- (PDF)

Opioid-induced Hyperalgesia in Humans - Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Considerations. Larry F. Chu, MD, MS (BCHM), MS (Epidemiology), Martin S. Angst, MD,and David Clark, MD, PhD- (PDF)

Opioids for neuropathic pain (Review) Eisenberg E, McNicol ED, Carr DB- (PDF)

The Impact of Opioids on the Endocrine System. Nathaniel Katz, MD, MS and Norman A. Mazer, MD, PhD- (PDF)

Patient-Controlled Analgesia. Jeffrey A. Grass, MD, MMM- (PDF)

Consensus guideline on parenteral methadone use in pain and palliative care
Lauren Shaiova, MD, Ann Berger, MD., Craig Blinderman, MD, M.A.,Eduaro Bruera, MD, Mellar P. Davis, MD, F.C.C.P., Susan Derby, N.P., Charles Inturrisi, PH.D., Jill Kalman, M.D., Davenra Mehta, M.D., PH.D., F.R.C.P., Marco Pappagallo, M.D., and Eugene Perlov, M.D.

Management of cancer pain: ESMO Clinical Recommendations
L. Jost, and F. Roila On behalf of the ESMO Guidelines Working Group
Ann Oncol 2008 19: 119-121.

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