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Pain Center Educational Resources

Powerpoint Slide Sets

Topics in Pain Management: A Slide Compendium
This series consists of downloadable PowerPoint modules developed for professionals with an interest in pain management. The slides and accompanying notes can be used in lectures on pain-related issues. They are available from, Beth Israel Medical Center, Department of Pain Medicine & Palliative Care. The following topics are available: 

  • Pain and Chemical Dependency - Russell K. Portenoy, MD
  • Pathophysiology of Pain - Donald D. Price, PhD
  • Pain Assessment - Myra Glajchen, DSW
  • Pain Syndromes — Part 1: Myofascial Pain, Part 2: Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Part 3: Headache - Charles Argoff, MD
  • Pain Syndromes — Part 1: Neuropathic Pain, Part 2: Back Pain And Sciatica, Part 3: Novel Drug Therapies for Pain - Marco Pappagallo, MD
  • Pharmacotherapy of Pain - Russell K. Portenoy, MD
  • Interventional Approaches to Chronic Pain: Blocks, Stimulators, Pumps - Daniel B. Carr, MD, DABPM, FFPMANZCA (Hon)
  • Nonpharmacologic Approaches to Pain Management - Jennifer Haythornthwaite, PhD