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January 2019

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This month, we bring you news of a new MASCC initiative to promote affiliated supportive care associations in the Asia-Pacific region, a summary of a recent Post-MASCC meeting in Belgium, and news of the Lancet Oncology Commission's work toward the integration of oncology and palliative care. In Study Group news, we bring you a profile of the recently renamed Oncodermatology Study Group (formerly Skin Toxicities), a name change that reflects a broadening of the Group's areas of interest and research. MASCC President Raj Lalla, DDS, PhD, discusses the MASCC initiative related to national-level supportive care associations.

As usual, we include upcoming conference reminders. We extend a warm welcome to all the new members who joined us in November. And we encourage every member to be a voice for MASCC!

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~ Toni Clark, Editor

Message from the President, Raj Lalla, DDS, PhD

Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year! I wish you all the best for 2019, including progress towards accomplishment of your professional and personal goals.

An important goal for MASCC is to promote supportive care for oncology patients around the world. In order to make a difference on the ground in different parts of the world, we need to partner with local healthcare professionals interested in supportive care in cancer. Therefore, we are working to set up affiliations with existing or new national-level supportive care associations. By joining together with such like-minded partners, we will be able to increase the impact of our efforts, resulting in improved patient care.

As described in this issue, an important meeting related to such efforts was held in Singapore in November 2018. This meeting was attended by our colleagues from several countries in the Asia-Pacific region. My sincere thanks to Past-Presidents Matti Aapro and Dorothy Keefe, who chaired the meeting and presented our shared vision for affiliations between national-level supportive care associations and MASCC as the international-level association. This model has been well received and we are working to make it a reality, in various parts of the world.

Best Wishes,

National Associations for Supportive Care in Cancer: A MASCC Initiative

To promote the creation of MASCC-affiliated national associations for supportive care in cancer, an organizational meeting was held at the recent ESMO Asia Congress in Singapore. Chaired by MASCC Past-Presidents Matti Aapro, MD, and Dorothy Keefe, MD, the meeting was convened to better understand the needs of the Asia-Pacific region and to establish relationships with colleagues interested in supportive care. Another goal of the meeting was to ascertain the extent to which the creation of new societies and the participation of existing ones could enhance the 2021 JASCC/MASCC meeting, to be held in Yokohama, Japan. Interested regions include China, Korea, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. 
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Profile: Oncodermatology Study Group

MASCC's Oncodermatology Study Group aims to raise awareness of dermatological conditions associated with cancer and its treatments and to take a leadership role in the emerging field of cancer-related dermatological toxicities. The Study Group conducts research concerning the adverse effects of cancer and its treatments that affect the hair, nails, and skin. Its objectives are to identify new targets for the treatment of adverse reactions, to establish practice guidelines for management of these side effects, and to increase cancer patients' knowledge of adverse reactions so as to improve self-care. Members are active in research, publications, presentations, and the guideline development. The Study Group is led by Chair Jennifer N. Choi, MD, and Vice-Chair Mario Lacouture, MD.  
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Research Highlights from the Oncodermatology Study Group

Toxic Side Effects of Targeted Therapies and Immunotherapies Affecting the Skin, Oral Mucosa, Hair, and Nails
Oncodermatology Study Group Chair Mario Lacouture, MD, and MASCC member Vincent Sibaud, MD, have recently reviewed the toxic side effects of targeted therapies and immunotherapies that affect the skin, oral mucosa, hair, and nails (American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, 2018). Targeted therapies and immunotherapies can result in numerous dermatologic toxicities that profoundly diminish patients' quality of life, with significant implications for treatment adherence and outcomes. Even so, only a minority of cancer patients are referred to a dermatologist during their therapy. The authors review numerous toxicities and stress the importance of preventive and supportive care, early patient education, and early management, as well as closer collaboration between oncologists and dermatologists to reduce the severity of oncodermatologic toxicities and maximize the chances for successful treatment outcomes.
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Dermatologic Reactions to Novel Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors
Matthew Ebia, BA, and Jennifer Choi, MD, have recently reviewed dermatologic toxicities secondary to immune checkpoint inhibitors, summarizing the mucocutaneous adverse events associated with these agents. Pruritus and rash are the most common dermatological effects associated with these immune checkpoint inhibitors, but other conditions, such as vitiligo, lichenoid reactions, bullous pemphigoid, alopecia, and mucosal lesions are seen frequently. Rarer adverse effects, such as immunotherapy-induced scleroderma, fasciitis, and dermatomyositis, have also been reported. The authors provide management options for different types and degrees of these toxicities and stress the importance of early diagnosis and treatment.  read more

Post-MASCC Meeting in Diegem, Belgium

A one-day Post-MASCC Meeting was held by the Supportive Care Task Force in Diegem, Belgium on Friday, November 23, 2018. Organized by MASCC Past-President Jean Klastersky, MD, PhD, and MASCC member Christel Fontaine, MD, the meeting featured several supportive care topics, such as sexuality and cancer, multicultural approaches to pain, cannabinoids for pain control, and side effects of targeted therapies and immunotherapies, among others. Jean Klastersky urges Study Group Chairs and MASCC members to organize similar regional meetings to bring visibility to MASCC and help promote the goals of supportive cancer care around the world.  
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Integration of Oncology and Palliative Care: A Lancet Oncology Commission

Eight MASCC members are part of an international team of authors who have recently reported on the integration of oncology and palliative care for the Lancet Oncology Commission, which aims to change the course of cancer in our lifetime. Recommended measures and metrics of the Commission's 13 priority areas are intended to guide researchers, funders, and policy makers in prioritizing the best research to benefit patients. Current barriers to the successful integration of palliative care include, among others, the absence of international consensus on content and standards for palliative care education, research, and practice, the common misconception that palliative care is for end-of-life care only, and insufficient infrastructure and funding. To successfully integrate palliative care with oncology, the Commission maintains that patient-centered care should be an integral part of oncology care and calls for changes at the system level to coordinate the activities of professionals and to develop and implement new and improved programs.  read more 

Research Positions

See the Research Positions page on the MASCC website for news about available research positions in supportive cancer care. And let us know if you have a supportive cancer care position opening for a trainee, fellow, or senior scientist.

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March 21-22, 2019
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Orlando, Florida, USA

March 29-30, 2019
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April 11-14, 2019
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