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January 2020    

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From the Editor

This month, MASCC is pleased to announce the first four MASCC-Designated Centers of Excellence in Supportive Care in Cancer. We also announce four Pre-Conference Workshops scheduled for our 2020 Annual Meeting in Seville. MASCC President Dr. Rajesh Lalla discusses the status of some MASCC initiatives launched in 2019. We bring you a report of the inaugural Best of MASCC Singapore meeting (November 30), the first announcement of the Sapporo Conference for Palliative and Supportive Care in Cancer (August 21-22, 2020), and news of a funding opportunity for oncology nurses. As usual, we include several conference reminders and deadlines. We extend a warm welcome to new members who joined us in November. And we encourage every member to be a voice for MASCC!

Please note that nominations for MASCC’s 2020 Distinguished Service Award are due by April 1st.

All issues of the MASCC Society News are available online at Older issues (after 2013) can be found in the back pages of our journal, Supportive Care in Cancer.

A Personal Note on My Retirement

I will be retiring from MASCC and concluding my medical writing career at the end of January but will be on hand for a few weeks to help with the transition to our new Communications Manager. For those who don’t know me well, I’ve had a long career as a medical writer and editor before joining the MASCC team in September 2014 — first in academic research centers and later in private industry at companies that produced diagnostic and management decision-making software. While both settings afforded numerous challenges, opportunities, and great personal satisfaction, MASCC has been the best fit for me — the most congenial atmosphere and the most rewarding work.

I expect to be busier than ever as I pursue other lifelong interests, mainly in the arts. I’ve taught college writing courses in fiction and poetry and routinely publish my own work in numerous print and online journals, as well as books. I also run an online poetry workshop. Other interests include painting and mixed media art, music (I play French café music on a sparkly purple accordion!), travel, food, and wine. My husband Tom and I, both Francophiles, plan to spend more time in France as well as traveling to other locales.

To everyone at MASCC, a sincere thank you for the opportunity to be part of an organization I so admire and respect. I am continually impressed by the mission and growing recognition and authority of MASCC and by the commitment of its staff, leaders, and members. It’s been a privilege and a pleasure in more ways than I can say! In the future, feel free to contact me at [email protected].

~ Toni Clark, Editor

Message from the President,
Rajesh Lalla, DDS, PhD

Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year! I wish you a peaceful and healthy year ahead.

2019 has been a transformational year for MASCC. Over the course of this past year, six national-level supportive care organizations have signed agreements to become affiliates of MASCC. These represent the countries of France, India, Italy, Japan, Portugal and Russia. As we gradually welcome their members into MASCC, the MASCC membership is growing and becoming more representative of the world as a whole. I believe we are well on our way to realizing our vision of a global network of national supportive care organizations, with MASCC as the international umbrella organization.

Another initiative launched in 2019 was the program to recognize oncology centers that incorporate outstanding supportive care components as MASCC-Designated Centers of Excellence in Supportive Care in Cancer. I am very happy to note that the first four such Centers are announced in this issue. Many thanks to Dr. Carla Ripamonti and the other members of the certification committee: Drs. Inessa Kononenko, Karen Mustian, Florian Scotté, and Kazuo Tamura.

In 2019, we also released a new Study Groups policy that creates a pathway for the development of new sub-groups in areas of member interest. Three new sub-groups have since been approved: Immuno-oncology, Cancer Pain, and the most recent subgroup on Digital Health, which is announced in this issue. Thanks to all the MASCC members who are leading these new sub-groups and helping us to evolve with the changing landscape of supportive care in cancer.

The one change I am not so happy about is the upcoming retirement of Toni Clark, our Website and Society News Editor. Toni has done a great job on the MASCC Society News, working with Beth Hollen to put out a professional newsletter we can all be proud of. She has been an important part of the MASCC family, and we will miss her.


The First Four MASCC-Designated Centers of Excellence in Supportive Care in Cancer

MASCC is pleased to announce the first four MASCC-Designated Centers of Excellence in Supportive Care in Cancer. MASCC’s certification program, initiated in February 2019, aims to promote and recognize oncology centers around the world that demonstrate best practices in supportive cancer care by successfully integrating oncology and supportive care, upholding high standards, and maintaining comprehensive supportive care services. MASCC’s certification program also aims both to educate and to encourage a supportive care focus among oncology healthcare professionals globally. Certification criteria include a supportive care focus in clinical activities, research, and educational initiatives, as well as adherence to international guidelines. Qualifying Centers may apply to MASCC’s Certification Program Committee, chaired by Carla Ida Ripamonti, MD. which in turn makes recommendations to MASCC’s Executive Committee.

The first round of applications has resulted in the naming of four centers as MASCC-Designated Centers of Excellence in Supportive Care in Cancer for the period 2020 to 2023:

  • Département d’Oncologie Médicale et Soins de Support Hôpital Foch, Suresnes, France
  • Terapie di supporto al paziente oncologico - Oncologia Medica, Polo Oncologico, Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Pisana
  • Oncology-Supportive Care in Cancer Unit, Cure di Supporto al Paziente Fondazione IRCCS, Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, Milan, Italy
  • Division of Cancer Services, Metro South Health – Princess Alexandra Hospital, Queensland, Australia

MASCC-Designated Centers of Excellence may use the MASCC logo on marketing and advertising related to the center or program and may use the title “A MASCC-Designated Center of Excellence in Supportive Care in Cancer.”

The official announcement of certification will take place at the 2020 MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting in Seville, during the Welcome Reception on Friday, June 25th. Read more.

New MASCC Subgroup on Digital Health

Within the fields of both oncology and supportive care, digital health is rapidly becoming recognized as an innovative and important means of improving medical efficiency and patient outcomes. Accordingly, the MASCC Executive Committee has approved a Digital Health Subgroup. The initial aims of the new Subgroup are to promote education and awareness of health technologies in supportive cancer care and to create research collaboration opportunities in digital health among MASCC members. At this time, the new Subgroup is maintained within the Education Study Group, but with the recognition that digital health is a cross-cutting theme. It is expected this new Subgroup will forge partnerships with many other MASCC Study Groups and Subgroups.

Penelope (Penny) Schofield, PhD, and Ysabella (Bella) Van Sebille, PhD, will co-chair the new Digital Health Subgroup. Both have a professional interest in digital health and have been active members of MASCC for many years. The Subgroup will be formally launched with an inaugural meeting at the 2020 MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting in Seville. All MASCC members are invited to join the new Subgroup, contribute to the creation of its mission and objectives, and share their research ideas with the co-chairs. Read more

Pre-Conference Workshops Announced

MASCC is pleased to announce four exciting Pre-Conference Workshops to be held at the 2020 MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting. All of the workshops will take place on Thursday, June 25, from 8:00 to 11:00 am. Workshop attendance requires registration in addition to registration for the Annual Meeting. Register at the official 2020 Annual Meeting website. Early-bird registration rates (for both the conference and the workshops) are in effect until March 10.

  • Managing Immuno-Oncology Toxicities: Models of Care  Chair: Bernardo Rapoport, MD

  • Mucositis Research Workshop: Advances in Research and Practice  Chair: Sharon Elad, DMD, MSc

  • Oral Supportive Care for Older Adults with Cancer: How Do They Eat? What Do They Eat?  Chairs: Kıvanç Bektaş Kayhan, PhD, DDS, and Christopher Steer, MBChB, MD, FRCOG

  • Standards and New Technologies for the Monitoring and Management of Patient-Reported Toxicities during Active Treatment and Follow-up  Chairs: Corina van den Hurk, PhD, and Sangeeta Agarawal, RN, MS, CAS

See the full workshop descriptions: 2020 Pre-Conference Workshops.  Read more.

Report of the 2019 Best of MASCC Singapore Meeting

The National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) hosted the inaugural Best of MASCC Singapore meeting on November 30, 2019, with the theme of “Supporting Cancer Patients and Survivors.” The goal of the meeting was to increase awareness of supportive and survivorship care and to advance supportive care practices in Singapore. Raymond Chan, PhD, MAppSc, BNurs, RN, MCNSA, Chair of MASCC’s Survivorship Study Group, delivered the Keynote Address on "Survivorship Issues across the Age Continuum.” Dr. Chan is Chair of Cancer Nursing, Queensland University of Technology and Princess Alexandra Hospital. Topics addressed survivorship care in the community, symptom management in cancer patients and survivors, and exercise and rehabilitation in cancer survivors. Alex Chan, PharmD, MPH, FCCP, BCPS, BCOP, who played a key role in organizing this event, has reported that there is great interest in supportive and survivorship care in Singapore and that the first Best of MASCC Singapore meeting was attended by over 200 participants. Read more

Sapporo Conference for Palliative and Supportive Care in Cancer

The Sapporo Conference for Palliative and Supportive Care in Cancer will be held on August 21-22, 2020 in Sapporo, Japan. The meeting will feature a symposium on opioids and cancer pain, as well as sessions focusing on the integration of oncology and palliative care, spiritual issues in palliative care, and psycho-oncology. Among the featured speakers are MASCC members Eduardo Bruera, MD, FAAHPM, Marvin Delgado-Guay, MD, Betty Ferrell, RN, PhD, MA, FAAN, FPCN, Thomas W. LeBlanc, MD, MA, MHS, FAAHPM, and Takao Takahashi, MD, PhD. The deadline for abstract submission is January 23, 2020. For more information, see Sapporo Conference for Palliative and Supportive Care in CancerRead more

Funding Opportunity for Oncology Nurses

Do you have a great idea to improve oncology care? Together with the Oncology Nursing Society, Johnson & Johnson announces the Johnson & Johnson Nurses Innovate QuickFire Challenge in Oncology. Nurses worldwide are invited to submit their innovative ideas aimed at improving oncology care — novel concepts, protocols, treatment approaches, and device ideas that may have the power to profoundly change human health. The nurse innovators with the best idea(s) will receive up to $100,000 in grant funding and access to mentoring and coaching from experts across the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies to help bring their ideas to life.

Applications must be submitted by practicing or retired nurses. The application deadline is February 7, 2020 at midnight PST. For more information and to apply, see

Call for volunteers!
Working Group on MASCC App

MASCC is considering the development of an app to allow healthcare professionals to quickly search for guidelines and expert opinions on managing the symptoms and side effects of cancer and its treatments. We would like to put together a MASCC Working Group to explore the possibility of developing such an app and provide input on desirable features. The objective is an easily searchable resource that can be used in the clinic or at the bedside to access current management practices in supportive oncology at the point of care. If you are interested, contact Melissa Chin.

Upcoming Conferences

February 20-21, 2020
ICCN 2020: 14th International Conference on Cancer Nursing
Paris, France

March 9-10, 2020
Grandangolo in Oncologia
Focus su Terapie di Supporto
Bologna, Italy

March 12-13, 2020
3rd Victorian Cancer Survivorship Conference
Melbourne, Australia

March 20-22, 2020
NCCN Annual Congress
National Comprehensive Cancer Network
Orlando, Florida, USA

March 27-28, 2020
Anaemia, Neutropenia, Thrombosis, and Cancer Course
Vienna, Austria

April 29 – May 3, 2020
ONS 45th Annual Congress
San Antonio, Texas, USA

August 21-22, 2020
Third Sapporo Conference for Palliative and Supportive Care in Cancer
Sapporo, Japan

September 14-15, 2020
35th International Conference on Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care
Current Challenges and Possibilities
Tokyo, Japan

September 18-22, 2020
ESMO 2020 Congress
Madrid, Spain

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New MASCC Members

A warm welcome to the new members who joined us in November!

Aisling Kelly

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Sally Hall
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