MASCC Society News - September 2020 Issue

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Message from our President, Andrew Davies

COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across the globe with many countries still struggling with the first wave of infections, whilst other countries appear to be experiencing the beginning of a second wave of infections. Much progress has been made in combatting the infection, and the hope is that there will soon be an effective vaccine (and that life will return to some form of normality). However, COVID-19 will have a long-term legacy, and whilst much of this legacy is negative, there is a very thin “silver lining” to the cloud.

Telemedicine / tele-oncology has become the norm in many institutions, and (together with remote monitoring of symptoms) is undoubtedly the major “change for the better” resulting from the pandemic. However, the apparent benefits of this innovation need to be confirmed by more longitudinal observational studies (including qualitative studies of the patients’ and carers’ views on such services). Similarly, other innovations in clinical practice arising from the pandemic need to be formally tested (and, if validated, adopted more widely)

Importantly, we need to research the ongoing direct and indirect effects of COVID-19 on our patients (and their families). MASCC, and specifically the study groups, are well placed to initiate / co-ordinate such research. We would encourage individuals with ideas for such projects to liaise with the relevant study group leaders (and with Leslie Johnson – Study Group coordinator). We also would encourage sharing of experiences / data / guidelines on COVID-19 related issues through this newsletter and the MASCC website.

We are continuing to plan the 2021 annual meeting (24-26th June, Seville, Spain), and it would be really helpful if members could complete the survey about the possibility of holding a hybrid / virtual annual meeting – see below. We are also developing related educational resources for the website, including presentations from this year’s Young Investigator Award / Travel Scholarship winners, and a series of webinars sponsored by the annual meeting commercial sponsors (and featuring recognized experts in the relevant topics).

Finally, stay safe, and look after yourselves!

- Andrew 

MASCC 2021 Annual Meeting Survey

Every year, MASCC presents an annual meeting at exciting locations around the globe. This meeting is at the forefront of innovation, delivering critical and engaging information that transforms and inspires the world of supportive care in cancer. To make sure our next meeting is better than ever, we are asking our members to give us feedback by Friday September 11 for our 2021 Annual Meeting in Seville, Spain on June 24 - 26. MASCC recognizes that conference-goers are experiencing unprecedented travel restrictions due to the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19. We also know that you are concerned for your own health and safety and for that of others. To ensure that we meet the needs of all those who are planning to or considering attending next year, we invite you to answer a few brief questions. The survey will take one minute or less to complete.

Click here to participate in the survey.

MASCC Participates in Japanese Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (JASCC) Virtual 2020 Annual Meeting

MASCC proudly participated in the Japanese Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (JASCC) 5th Annual Meeting held in August. Originally planned for Kyoto, the meeting was held virtually due to COVID-19. The meeting included a novel hybrid of both pre-recorded and live sessions. The theme of the meeting was “Diversity, Dialogue and Altruism,” and included the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Psycho-Oncology Society (JPOS) and the 25th Congress of the Japanese Society for Palliative Medicine (JSPM).

The joint MASCC/JASCC session was “The current situation and prospects on the education of supportive care in cancer.” It was chaired by Dr. Mitsue Saito and Dr. Matti Aapro, who introduced concepts of what supportive care entails and gave a European perspective. The session speakers were Drs. Jong-Huen Kim of Korea, Kunihiko Ishitani of Japan and Ian Olver of Australia. Ian Olver highlighted MASCC educational resources from web-based guidelines, tools to a textbook and MASCC’s journal, Supportive Care in Cancer.

Dr. Olver also presented “Future Perspective on Supportive and Palliative Care” in a session chaired by Dr. Toshiaki Saeki of Japan. He expanded upon the recent MASCC article “Supportive Care - A MASCC Perspective,” recently published in Supportive Care in Cancer. He discussed field changes with new immunotherapies producing new supportive care challenges. He also emphasized that supportive care must extend to survivorship care. “Technological advances in teleoncology, remote patient monitoring, and virtual reality devices will extend the capability of supportive care in future,” said Dr. Olver. “COVID-19 has forced changes in how we interact but also teaches us that we can still have highly effective conferences that are webcast mixing live and pre-recorded elements and I suspect that post-COVID conferences will mix face to face with digital presentations to reach a wide audience. ”

New Job Posting: Outpatient Psychologist with Levine Cancer Center, Department of Psycho-Oncology Location: Charlotte, NC

The Levine Cancer Institute (LCI) section of Psycho-Oncology, is searching for a full-time, outpatient Psychologist to join their team in Charlotte, NC. This opportunity includes a combination of clinical, academic, and research responsibilities in an integrated psycho-oncology section within a thriving outpatient, world class oncology service line. Schedule is Monday through Friday, 8 am -5 pm with no weekends, nights, or call. Candidates must hold a PhD or PsyD degree in Clinical Psychology. Post-doctoral fellowship in Psycho-Oncology is preferred.

Located in the heart of the Southeast, Charlotte is the largest and most accessible city between Washington, DC and Dallas, TX. Due to its mid-Atlantic location, getting to Charlotte is easy from anywhere in the country or the world, hence its nickname “the International Gateway to the South.”

Levine Cancer Institute operates within a unique model of care that provides diverse communities access to world-class care, close to home. This academic hybrid model combines two important bodies of work – academics and oncology research – with compassionate, community-based cancer care.

For more information about this opportunity please contact the Provider Recruiter:
[email protected]
ph: 704.631.1121

MASCC Career Opportunities Listings

MASCC now offers Career Opportunities listings where employers can list job and fellowship postings. For a nominal fee, employers can share their open positions directly with MASCC members and our supportive care community, a highly skilled group of top-notch potential employees. Our listing service ensures that your position is seen by some of supportive cancer care’s most accomplished professionals. You’ll be connected with highly qualified candidates. The positions can be shared in our monthly newsletter, on our website, shared on social media, and listed on the MASCC website. For more information about this career service and related fees to post, please contact our office at [email protected].

To review all current job and fellowship listings, click here.

New Guidelines for Managing Mucositis Now Available

Updated clinical practice guidelines for managing mucositis, a very common and often debilitating complication of cancer therapy, was recently published with open access in the journal Cancer. Patients experiencing mucositis often require enteral or parenteral nutrition, consume more opioids, and experience more interruptions to cancer therapy than patients who do not experience mucositis. The new guidelines summary, which will provide healthcare professionals better tools to deliver care for cancer patients, is the result of extensive and meticulous literature review and clinical interpretation by the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer/International Society of Oral Oncology. MASCC/ISOO charged its Mucositis Study Group, comprised of 250 experts from 33 countries, to conduct the systematic review. Led by Sharon Elad, DMD MSc, professor at the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Eastman Institute for Oral Health, the Mucositis Study Group’s major goal is to improve outcomes of patients experiencing mucositis associated with cancer therapies. Read more.

And the Winner Is...
New MASCC Logo Announced

MASCC is thrilled with the tremendous input from our members in picking our next logo! As we announced in our recent email survey, our association is always working to make sure we maintain a brand that resonates with our members and keeps us current. As part of our continued efforts to connect with the supportive cancer care community, we are updating our association’s logo. Last month, MASCC offered members the opportunity to pick the next logo!

And the top choice out of three is: A!

September Editor’s Pick: “A review of factors influencing non-adherence to oral antineoplastic drugs”

Throughout the year, we will share articles from the MASCC journal Supportive Care in Cancer. The “Editor’s Pick” section, chosen by the journal’s Editor-In-Chief, Dr. Fred Ashbury PhD, will cover a variety of topics to meet the many interests of our membership.

This month we feature “A review of factors influencing non-adherence to oral antineoplastic drugs.” From the Abstract: Adherence to oral antineoplastic drugs is a complex phenomenon, and knowledge about the reasons that people with cancer do not adhere to their prescriptions is essential to inform adherence-related support in clinical and research contexts. This study aims to provide an up-to-date summary of the key reasons for non-adherence to oral antineoplatic drugs (OAD) in people with cancer.


MASCC will take part in the 2020 Congress of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) and the European Nursing Society (EONS), which is being held virtually this year . Don't miss this joint session on 10/17: Established and new treatments, old and new toxicities (in collaboration with MASCC), with chairs, Karin Jordan, MD, of Heidelberg, Germany, and Florian Scotté, MD, PhD, of Villejuif, France. The ESMO session (with MASCC member speakers) will include:

  • Gastrointestinal toxicity: From the top to the bottom (Paolo Bossi, MD, of Brescia, Italy)
  • Skin toxicity: More than just a rash (Vincent Sibaud, MD, of Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, France)
  • Neurotoxicity: From the head to the toes (Karin Jordan, MD, of Heidelberg, Germany)
  • Integrating PROMs for adverse effects into clinical practice (Corina van den Hurk, PhD of Utrecht, Netherlands)
  • Q&A and Live Discussion (Florian Scotté, MD, PhD, of Villejuif, France) 

Key dates for the conference this year are:

Official Program:
Science weekend: 19-21 September 2020
Education weekend: 16-18 October 2020

ESMO Colloquia and Industry Satellite Symposia on demand:
14-29 September 2020

Virtual Exhibition:
14 September - 18 October 2020

For more information on all sessions and to register, click here.

Year of the Nurse
MASCC Membership Discount Program

50% Membership Discount to nurses renewing their MASCC membership or new members joining MASCC

MASCC invites nurses in supportive cancer care to take advantage of a new initiative, the Year of the Nurse Membership Discount Program. MASCC is offering a 50% discount on online memberships to all nurses, both renewing members and nurses who become new members in 2020. This year-long program honors the World Health Organization’s (WHO) designation of 2020 as “Year of the Nurse and Midwife” in honor of Florence Nightingale, born 200 years ago and considered the founder of modern nursing.

MASCC joins WHO in celebrating the vital role of nurses, particularly as champions of supportive cancer care under often challenging conditions. MASCC also takes this opportunity to recognize the contributions of its own nurse members and those of our partner organizations: the Oncology Nursing Society, the European Oncology Nursing Society, and the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care. Almost 15% of MASCC members are nurses, who currently lead and participate in Study Group activities, such as research, guideline development, and educational programs. MASCC membership affords numerous opportunities to share ideas and collaborate with colleagues around the world. All interested nurses are invited to take advantage of this opportunity to join MASCC at a 50% discount! For more information, click here.

Upcoming Conferences

Note: Rescheduling and cancellations occur frequently due to COVID-19. Please double check conference home pages for latest updates.

September 8, 10, 15, and 17
Oncology Nursing Society Bridge Conference: Connecting Oncology Resources and Education

September 14-15, 2020
35th International Conference on Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care - Current Challenges and Possibilities
Tokyo, Japan

September 19-21, 2020
ESMO 2020 Congress - The virtual conference also includes the EONS13 conferenceThe Future of Cancer Nursing in the Year of the Nurse and Midwife.
Madrid, Spain

October 16-18, 2020
17th International Conference on Integrative Oncology
The Science of Living Well with Cancer
Baltimore, Maryland

November 18 – 19, 2020
ECCO - European Cancer Summit 2020: Working Together Against Cancer: Breaking Down Barriers & Saving Lives
Brussels, Belgium

November 19-21, 2020 - VIRTUAL CONFERENCE
UKONS Annual Conference
Nursing at the Core of Cancer Care

New MASCC Members

A warm welcome to the new members who joined us in August 2020!

Cassandra Moore
Kim Tam Bui

Stephanie Lheureux 

Audrey Eche Gass
Audrey Perret
Caroline Zaloszyc
Christine Pelca Poivre
Emmanuelle Pellier
Fabienne Bernardin
Laurence Digue
Magali Pons
Martine Raffin-Rainteau
Nathalie Trufflandier
Noémie Heyser
Sandrine Tomasoni
Aishwarya Bandla
Raghav Sundar

United Kingdom
Vinod Patel

United States
Carolyn Taylor
Danielle Milling
Danielle Rogers
Gary Lyman
Gillian Isabelle (ISOO)
Karen Hammelef
Katharine Ciarrocca (ISOO)
Shamille Hariharan
Tina Schaff


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