MASCC Survivorship Study Group


Chair: Raymond Chan, PhD, MAppSc, BN, RN, FACN - Australia
Vice-Chair: Margaret Fitch, RN, PhD - Canada

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Advances in cancer screening, early detection, treatments, and supportive care have produced a progressive increase in the number of cancer survivors over recent decades. The Survivorship Study Group considers survivorship to span the time between diagnosis and the end of life. Its mission encompasses realization of the fullest potential of cancer survivors in all spheres of life. Accordingly, its areas of effort include prevention of new or recurrent cancer, surveillance for new or recurring cancer, interventions for prevention and management of cancer symptoms and treatment side effects (including prehabilitation and rehabilitation), and coordination between specialists and primary care providers to ensure that all survivor needs are met.


The MASCC Survivorship Study Group works to optimize wellness by improving outcomes for people affected by cancer. Its projects are designed to address the following objectives:

  • To foster international collaborative research and educational initiatives in cancer survivorship
  • To raise awareness about cancer survivorship issues and resources
  • To foster the professional development of junior researchers in the field by awarding junior researcher awards and training fellowships
  • To develop clinical guidelines on topics relevant to cancer survivorship
  • To contribute to the MASCC Annual Meeting through presentations and workshops that focus on cancer survivorship
  • To collaborate with other Study Groups to advance care and outcomes for all cancer survivors

Current Research

PARTICIPATE IN OUR SURVEY! Practitioners’ Views on Patient-Reported Outcomes

MASCC’s Survivorship Study Group invites healthcare professionals involved in the care of cancer patients to share their experiences and perceptions regarding patient-reported outcomes (PROs) in a 10-minute online survey. The Study Group is investigating oncology practitioners' current strategies and experiences in applying PROs in clinical practice, performance measurement, and research. The aims are (1) to explore practitioners’ experiences and perceptions on the use of PROs in routine clinical care at the patient level and (2) to assess the value of PROs as a performance or quality-of-care indicator at the system level. This study has been approved by the Institutional Review Boards of Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Edith Cowan University, Western Australia.
If you are interested in participating, please follow this link for more information and the online survey by July 31, 2020: Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) Data Collection in Routine Care: An International Survey of Oncology Practitioners.

Study Group Awards

The Study Group maintains an awards program to foster the professional development of junior researchers and trainees. In 2018, three individuals were honored for their work with awards for outstanding research.

Best Abstract Award 2018 for a Junior Faculty Member
Jacqui Frowen, PhD, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. “Prevalence of Patient-Reported Dysphagia and Oral Complications in Cancer Patients: An Australian Study.”
Swallowing problems and complications within the oral cavity are common after treatment for head and neck cancer, but less is known about these problems in patients with other types of cancer. Jacqui Frowen and her colleagues at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the University of Melbourne (Australia) conducted this study to determine the prevalence of patient-reported dysphagia and oral complications in all cancer patients across all treatment settings and to examine the relationships between cancer types, oral complications, and dysphagia. Read more
Micah D. J. Peters, PhD, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia. “Cancer Care Experiences and Unmet Needs of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual People with Cancer: A Systematic Review of Qualitative Evidence.”
People who identify as sexually and/or gender diverse may face additional challenges in receiving equitable and appropriate cancer care. This can lead to worse outcomes and avoidable harm. Micah D. J. Peters, PhD, and colleagues conducted a research study to explore qualitative evidence regarding the cancer care experiences and unmet needs of this diverse and often overlooked population to identify areas for improvement. Read more

Best Abstract Award 2018 for a Trainee
Xiaotao Zhang, MD, PhD, MS, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA. “Malnutrition and Overall Survival in Older Patients with Cancer.”
It is well known that malnutrition is common among older adults with cancer. Xiaotao Zhang, MD, and his colleagues undertook a study to assess the prevalence of malnutrition among cancer patients and its association with overall cancer survival. Read more

Mentoring Program
In 2018, the Study Group, with MASCC support, initiated a mentoring program whereby junior investigators could apply for a Trainee Award that provides the opportunity to work with, and be mentored by, the Study Group Chair, Vice-Chair, or other senior investigators. Two junior investigators were selected for these mentoring opportunities:
Imogen Ramsey, PhD, University of South Australia, Australia
Project: Survey Study on the Implementation of Exercise Guidelines into Routine Clinical Care
Yin Ting Cheung, PhD, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China
Project: Survey Study on Patient-Reported Outcomes Data Collection in Routine Care and Subsequent Actions in Benchmarking, Clinical Responses, and Research & Education
Each of these successful candidates will be awarded a certificate of completion and a $500 award at the 2019 MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting.

Past Workshops

Related Member Publications

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For more information or to contact Study Group Leaders, see our contact page.