2013 MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting - Supportive Care in Cancer

Berlin, Germany • June 27-29, 2013

MASCC 2013 Conference Reporting
- By Journalist Bettina Reich, Hamburg
 What was hot at the MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting?

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Cachexia/Nutrition (6)
Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (6)
Cutaneous Issues (4)
Dental and Oral Care (4)
Drug Interactions - Only a Pharmaceutical Problem? (5)
Education and Communication (6)
Fatigue (5)
Guidelines and Supportive care in Cancer - Guidelines and Adherence: Progress and Problems (4)
Highlighted Posters (3)
Infection (4)
International Perspectives on Survivorship and Rehabilitation for People with cancer (4)
Management of Regimen-Related Toxicities (4)
Management of Tumor Related Symptoms (4)
MASCC Opening Press Conference (5)
Mucositis: An Interdisciplinary Perspective and Update (4)
Neutropenia/Anemia (5)
Oncology Nursing (ONKOLOGISCHE PFLEGE) (3)
Opening Ceremony and Awards (5)
Pain Management (4)
Palliative Care (4)
Proffered papers I - Antiemetics and Mucositis (8)
Proffered papers II - Quality of Life and Survivorship(4)
Proffered papers III - Specific Toxicities and Other Supportive Care Issues  (6)
Proffered Papers IV - Palliative Care and Other Issues (3)
Psychosocial Aspects (Ethical and Psychosocial Aspects and Interventions in Supportive Care (3)
Supportive Care for the Elderly Cancer Patient (3)
Supportive Care in Cancer: Highlights Since MASCC 2012 (3)
Toxicities Oral TKIS (7)
Update Antiemetics (7)
Vascular Events and Cardiotoxicity (7)


Awards and Photos 
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Meeting Minutes
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Study Group Workshops 2013 >> read more

  • Mucositis Research Workshop
    Chair: R. Lalla
  • Improving Adherence in Elderly Receiving Oral Agents for Cancer Treatment Workshop
    Chair: M. Lemonde
  • Targeted Therapy in the Elderly Workshop
    Chair: C.B. Boers-Doets
  • Emerging drug resistance in Febrile Neutropenia Management: A Global Perspective
    Chairs: B. Rapoport & J. Klastersky
  • Cancer Cachexia Workshop
    Chairs: K. Olson & F. Strasser

MASCC in Numbers:

  • 1400 + Delegates
  • 850 + Abstracts
  • 80 + International Speakers
  • 16 Parallel Sessions
  • 5 Workshops
  • 7 Satellite Symposiums
  • 5 Plenary Sessions
  • 5 Oral Presentations Poster Sessions
  • 3 ISOO Courses Accreditation

2013 Symposium Chair: Petra Feyer, MD, PhD
2013 Co-Chair: Petra Ortner, Pharm D, PhD
Congress Organizer: Kenes International
Support and Exhibition : Industry Liaison and Sales Associate, Leonie Hulstein
For questions or to request information on the 2013 MASCC/ISOO symposiums, contact Beth Hollen


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