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POLICY: Reimbursement of Expenses 
For Participation in Board and Annual Meetings

MASCC Board Members

  • Registration to the Annual Meeting is waived.
  • Up to 2 hotel nights are covered, if the member arrives the day before the Board Meeting, Otherwise, only one night is covered. (Room nights are intended to be a subsidy and therefore are not added to other granted nights)
  • Reimbursement travel rules are as follows: (a) same continent – up to $1,000 USD (b) Trans-Atlantic – up to $1,600 USD; (c) Asia/Australia – up to $2,400 USD. Only the price for “economy” (obtained at least 14 days prior to departure) will be approved, whatever class might be used.
  • As of July 2017, ground transportation from the airport and/or train station will not reimbursed.
  • Reimbursement is contingent upon the following: (a) active participation in Board meetings and calls; (b) members are in good standing; and (c) expenses are sent to the Meeting Organizer, Kenes International, within 4 weeks (electronic reports are preferred).

Annual Meeting: Invited Speakers

  • Annual Meeting registration is waived for Annual Meeting speakers.
  • Up to 2 hotel nights are covered. 
  • Travel reimbursement rules are the same as for Board members.
  • Expenses must be sent to the Meeting Organizer, Kenes International, within 4 weeks.
  • Proffered paper speakers are not reimbursed.

Workshop Speakers and Chairs and Annual Meeting Session Chairs

  • From 2014, Workshops are considered part of the main meeting.
  • Workshop registration is waived for the workshop speakers.
  • MASCC members who are Workshop speakers and/or Chairs are not eligible for travel reimbursement.
  • Travel reimbursement for invited* Workshop speakers, who are not MASCC members, is the same as for Board members, and one hotel night is reimbursed (2 hotel nights will also be covered if workshop speakers, who are not MASCC members, are also invited speakers). 
  • The Program Committee is encouraged to assign invited Workshop and Annual Meeting speakers to be Session Chairs. Workshop Chairs and Session Chairs registration fee will not be waived.

*The Mucositis Study Group Workshop often includes proffered papers, as well as invited speakers. Authors of proffered paper speakers do not qualify for waivers of registration, travel, or hotel.


  • Registration to the Annual Meeting and workshops is waived.
  • Travel reimbursement rules are the same as for Board members.
  • Up to 5 hotel nights are approved. Reimbursement for more than 5 nights requires approval by the Executive Director.
  • Daily allowances are not granted, but expenses related to travel (ground transportation, meals) will be reimbursed contingent upon submission of an expense report. 
  • Expenses must be sent to the Meeting Organizer, Kenes International, within 4 weeks (electronically only).

National Cancer Supportive Care Organizations Recognized by MASCC

  • For affiliated organizations that wish to organize a session at a MASCC Annual Meeting, a room with AV at the conference venue will be provided free of charge, subject to space availability. 
  • Free registration for up to 3 speakers will be granted. 
  • Any additional costs are entirely the responsibility of the affiliated organization. There will be no reimbursement of expenses (e.g., travel or accommodations) by MASCC or the Meeting Organizer, Kenes International.
  • The above terms under this section do not apply for those organizations in which a Memorandum of Understanding is in place with said organization.

Instructions For Annual Meeting reimbursements

A link to the online reimbursement system will be sent to Speakers, Board Members and Staff after the Annual Meeting. The details of your expenses should be uploaded with relevant documented statements and invoices to the online system. You reimbursement requests and invoices must be submitted within four weeks from the meeting.  Should you have any questions please contact: [email protected]

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