2014 MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting Study Group Workshops

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Mucositis Research
Chair: Raj Lalla

This workshop, presented by the Mucositis Study Group, featured both basic research and clinical studies on cutting-edge topics from young investigators. An expert panel weighed in on the presentations and discussed the many challenges of mucositis, as well as promising treatments on the horizon.

Pre-Clinical Studies
Chair: Dorothy M. K. Keefe (Australia)

  • E. Bateman, E. Weaver, G.Klein, E.Plews, A Wignall, B. Wozniak, and D. Keefe (Australia). Serum-Derived Immunoglobulin Shows Early Promise in the Alleviation of Irinotecan-Induced Mucositis.

  • Hannelouise Kissow, Emilie Balk-Møller, Bolette Hartmann (Denmark). Treatment of Experimental Irinotecan-Induced Mucositis with GLP-1 and GLP-2.
  • B. Mayo, E. Bateman, A. Stringer, E. Plews, A. Wignall, B. Wozniak, I. White, C. Pietra, S. Cantoreggi and D. Keefe (Australia). The New Selective GLP-2 Receptor Agonist, Elsiglutide, Improves Irinotecan-Induced Diarrhoea and Mucositis in the Rat.
  • Margo L, Hoover-Regan, Amanda J. Graul-Conroy, Kenneth B. DeSantes, Walter L. Longo, Paul M. Sondel and William E. Fahl (USA). Complete Suppression of Oral Mucositis in Preclinical Animal Models Using Topically Applied Vasoconstrictor (and Its Use in an Upcoming Study in Bone Marrow Transplant Patients).
  • Daniel Thorpe, Ross Butler, Masooma Sultani, Andrea Stringer (Australia). Gastrointestinal Mucositis is Associated with Muc 2 and 4 Expression, and Exocytosis of Mucin Stores.

  • Hannah R Wardill, Rachel J Gibson, Richard M Logan, and Joanne M Bowen (Australia). Does TLR4/PKC Signalling Drive Chemotherapy-Induced Barrier Dysfunction and Mucositis?

Clinical Studies
Chair: Michael Brennan (USA)

  • Carroll J, Barasch A, Dominguez JA, Epstein JB, Nair RG, Raber-Durlacher JE, Bensadoun RJ. Griffith (Australia). Low-Level Laser Treatment for the Management of Oral Mucositis: Mechanisms of Action, Irradiation Parameters and Dose.
  • Paolo Bossi, Roberta Granata, Salvatore Alfieri, Carla Ripamonti, Laura Locati, Cristiana Bergamini, Martina Imbimbo, Carlo Resteghini, Ester Orlandi, Carlo Fallai, Lisa Licitra (Italy). Analgesic Opioid Therapy for Oral Mucositis Associated Pain During Curative Chemoradiotherapy in Oropharyngeal Cancer Patients.

  • R.Di Franco, Matteo Muto, V.Ravo, D.Borrelli, A.Pepe, S.Falivene, A.Argenone, G.Guida, P. Muto ((Italy). Oral Mucositis Related to Radiotherapy for Head and Neck: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a New Anti-inflammatory Product (Mucosyte®).

  • I. von Bültzingslöwen, P.M. Williams, F. Samim, P. Johansson, K. Garming Legert, B. Hasséus, Jan- Erik Johansson, M.T. Brennan (Sweden). Role of Salivary Dysfunction in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Patients: OraStem Study.

Oral Problems in Advanced Cancer
Chaired by Andrew Davies and Siri Beier-Jensen
This workshop on oral problems, presented jointly by the Oral Care and Palliative Care Study Groups, focused on the spectrum of oral conditions faced by cancer patients. Interactive case presentations touched on issues such as fungal infections, bacterial infections, and xerostomia.

  • Andrew. Davies (UK). Oral Problems in Palliative Care: What’s the Relevance?
  • Deborah P. Saunders (Canada). Principles of Oral Care in Palliative Care: Oral Hygiene / Oral Assessment.

  • Siri Beier Jensen (Denmark). Dry Mouth: A Syndrome Rather Than a Symptom: Xerostomia / Salivary Gland Hypofunction.
  • Case Presentations and Discussion.
  • Petrina Sweeney (UK). Oral infections in Palliative Care: An Overview: Introduction to Oral Infections, Viral Infections, Bacterial Infections.
  • Joel Epstein (USA). Oral Candidiasis — A ‘Disease of the Diseased”: Fungal Infections.
  • Case Presentations and Discussion.

Nutrition — Cancer Care Pathways
Chaired by Liz Isenring and David Blum
This workshop, presented by the Nutrition and Cachexia Study Group, brought together experts on nutrition and cachexia, psycho-oncology, speech pathology, palliative care, and rehabilitation to discuss the integration of cancer care for optimal patient outcomes. Case vignettes were used to challenge participants.

  • David Blum (Switzerland) Cachexia Clinics.
  • Janet Abrahm (USA). Palliative Care.
  • Martin Chasen (Canada). Rehabilitation.
  • Irma Verdonck-de Leeuw (The Netherlands). Psycho-Oncology and Speech Pathology.

Spiritual Wellbeing Across Cancer Care
Organized by Ian Olver. Chaired by David Hui and Lois Ramondetta
The workshop, presented jointly by the Palliative Care Study Group and the Rehabilitation, Quality of Life, and Survivorship Study Group, dealt with the assessment of spirituality and how MASCC members feel about spirituality (using a survey designed for that purpose). In addition, palliative care experts discussed spirituality, religiosity, and dignity therapy in advanced cancer, and a chaplain discussed his role in providing spiritual care. A case study and a panel discussion wrapped up this thoughtful discussion of often-overlooked issues.

  • Marvin Delgado-Guay (USA). Can We Really Assess Spirituality and How?
  • Lois Ramondetta (USA). How MASCC Members Feel About Spirituality.
  • Ian Olver (Australia). Spiritual Wellbeing and Quality of Life in Patients with Cancer.
  • Mellar Davis (USA). Types of Suffering in Palliative Care.
  • David Hui (USA). Spirituality/Religiosity and Health Outcomes in Patients with Advanced Cancer.
  • Tatsuya Konishi (Japan). Chaplaincy and Provision of Spiritual Care.
  • Harvey Cochiov (Canada). Dignity Therapy: Theory and Clinical Outcomes.

Beware of Infections in Both Adults and Children
Chaired by Bernardo Rapoport and Marianne van de Wetering
This workshop, presented jointly by the Neutropenia, Infection, and Myelosuppression Study Group and the Pediatric Study Group, focused on infections in cancer patients, with special emphasis on the difficulties of dealing with infections in children. Discussion included rates of infection associated with new anticancer agents.

Pediatric Session

  • Scott Howard (USA). Upcoming Difficult Infections in Pediatric Oncology.
  • Lillian Sung (Canada). Infectious Complications with Targeted Therapy in Pediatric Oncology.
  • Marianne van de Wetering (The Netherlands). Risk Factors for (Neutropenic) Enterocolitis in Pediatric Oncology.

Adult Session

  • Kenneth V. Rolston (USA). Neutropenic Enterocolitis Associated with Taxanes.
  • Bernardo L. Rapoport (South Africa). Infections Associated with Usage of Anti-CD20 Treatment.
  • Jean Klastersky (Belgium). Infections Associated with New Targeted Therapies.
  • Haralambos Raftopoulos (USA). Diagnosis and Treatment of Pulmonary Infiltration Associated with New Anticancer Agents.
  • Georgia Demetriou (Greece). Infections Associated with Motor Inhibitors in Breast Cancer and Other Malignant Conditions.
  • Thomas Walsh (USA). Infections Associated with Alemtuzumab and Brentuximab.
  • Devan Moodley (South Africa). Infections Associated with Purine Analogs in Hematological Malignancies.

Geriatric Oncology and Cancer-Related Fatigue
Chaired by Sriram Yennu
This workshop on special problems faced by geriatric cancer patients was jointly sponsored by the Geriatrics Study Group and the Fatigue Study Group. Fatigue was used as a model for discussion, and case studies featuring different cancer stages were reviewed.

  • Supriya G. Mohile, MD, MS (USA). Systematic Assessment of the Supportive Care Needs of Older Adults with Cancer: Implications for Clinical Practice and Research.
  • Karen Mustian, PhD, MPH, (USA). Aging and its Impact on Fatigue and Other Symptoms in Older Cancer Survivors.
  • Alexander Molasiotis, RN, PhD (Hong Kong). Early-Stage Cancer Case Study.
  • Holly M. Holmes, MD, MS (USA). Cancer Survivorship Case Study.
  • Sriram Yennu, MD, MS (USA). Advanced-Stage Cancer Case Study.